18 Dogs In Awful Conditions Rescued, 1 Has Already Been Euthanized.

The gross scenes of animal cruelty never seem to cease, but this case is yet another case where officials say that they haven’t seen anything like it before, it’s really one of the worse cases they have witnessed!

The County Sheriffs Department in Madison got a complaint about dogs making a lot of noise and barking from a home in Alexandria in the area of Trenton Street, it was around 2 pm on a Saturday afternoon!

The officers that responded to the call said that the smell was so pungent that it reached as far as the driveway, it was just incredible, something was seriously not right…

When they entered the house they encountered a total of 18 dogs, they were all Shih-Tzu and Rat Terrier mixed breed doggies and had a terrible appearance, their fur was matted and contained feces and stale urine that was incredibly pungent!

The deputies commented that the dogs really needed specialist care from a vet, even intensive care…

Director of the Animal Protection League, Maleah Stringer, said:

“When we’re called to help with a situation like this, and you can smell the urine from the driveway…you know it’s going to be really bad …There has to be some point along the way that people have to realize they can’t handle caring for this many dogs, and they need help. Sadly, too many don’t make that call and the dogs end up paying the price.”

Quite a few of the dogs were being kept inside a tiny bedroom, that was itself plastered with mold and the feces of the dogs ground well into the floor. The sheer smell of the ammonia was really harsh in the nose, to say the least, so bad the deputies had to be treated after they were exposed to it.

Thankfully the owner saw sense and volunteered to give all the dogs to the Madison County Animal Protection League, who then took control of the situation.

The authorities reported that one of the dogs was beyond saving and they had to perform a euthanization on humane grounds, what a great shame, the poor dog could not be saved by them, it was just too late!

Maleah said:

“We are hopeful the remaining 17 dogs are eventually healthy enough to be adopted …Right now, we’re looking at about $250 per dog just to get the basic veterinary care. The cost for those with medical issues is going to be even more.”

We hope that at least these 17 other dogs will now finally get the lives that they deserve and live out their lives in a loving and forever home!

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