Dog left abandoned for weeks inside townhouse, officers hands are tied!

An abandoned dog has been trapped inside a townhouse for at least three weeks, presumably without food or water, in the soaring heat of summer – and animal control officers are legally unable to save him.

A concerned neighbor reached out to FOX 2 after seeing the animal in distress. Allecia Gates wanted to help the poor abandoned dog – but the property owner is nowhere to be found.

“People should not get dogs if they can’t take care of them,” Gates said.

As a dog lover, Gates walks her pup Jack three times a day and every time she passes the townhouse on Outer Drive in Detroit but three weeks ago she noticed a dog who had chewed through the screen, barks constantly, appears to be in distress and the owner is nowhere to be found.

Despite obvious signs the dog is abandoned, distressed, and neglected, animal control officers are not legally allowed to enter the home to rescue him.

How is it possible that rescuers are unable to save a dog that’s clearly abandoned and in distress?

abandoned dog

Laws that label animals as simple property, instead of sentient, living, breathing; and feeling beings has left them with little to no legal rights to help.

Animal control hopes to contact the property owner. Not the abandoned dog owner so officers can legally get in and rescue that dog.

Until these laws are changed, dogs will continue to suffer.