A Peek Inside Barbarous Experimentation On Dogs In USA, It’s Still Happening!

Worse than the terrible things people do is when they are used, or targeted some might say, for purposes that are truly inhumane and to make it even worse that use is justified by some statement that it’s for the benefit of all that they are doing those things!

Well, this story is just about that, there is a hidden and truly awful, poorly regulated and very profitable industry in the United States…

They breed dogs for the sole purpose of terrible experiments, painful and despicable as they are, it seems to be happening, we think we are so civilized, but this is still going on?

As Americans we often express out disgust at inhumane acts in China and Korea, where they eat dogs, the mainstream media coverage is very widespread about how we all feel about these things, but…

Unbeknownst to many of us, there exists a more brutal and sinister side to the treatment of dogs in research facilities in the USA, not just dogs though, there are rabbits too!

It’s often reported that the experiments are not needed and sometimes inconclusive at best, but even if the experiments were of some use, how can this be acceptable in a civilized society?

How can anyone justify such awful and painful act to these intelligent and incredible creatures, must it go on any longer?

Locked in small cages and subjected to the worse of the worse treatments under the guise of research, surely this kind of behavior was eliminated many years ago, when even then it was unacceptable.

The Animal Usage report, According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, said that 60,979 dogs were used in the U.S. for experimentation in 2016 alone.

The number reported of all animals used for experimentation, for those animals where reporting was actually required, was in the region of 820,000.

More often than not the experimentation has nothing to do with medical research, instead, trivial commercial interests, and in almost all these cases.

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