Beautiful, Mystery, Dog – Why Has She Been Stuck In The Shelter For A Year?

Just taking a single look at this beautiful doggie, Darby, is all that is required to know that she is calm and happy, to see how well she is really doing, she clearly loves playing with her toys too!

There is one small though, for Darby, is that she has been homeless for a while year, stuck in the shelter and unable to get herself a forever family to adopt her.

She was brought to the shelter by DeKalb County Animal Services based in Georgia, she was a stray on the streets and since last year in May, she has been waiting for a family to adopt her.

Darby is one of the shelters longest staying doggies, we only wish they knew why it was her that has ended up staying there for such a long time.

Darby is around 5-years-old and is very used to the life in the kennels, the staff there in the kennels really do want a nice home for her, in fact, this week they had an idea!

They decided to find a way to show her how special and lovely they think she is, to make her feel very special, so on a bright sunny day, they set off on an adventure, to Atlanta.

They dropped in the pet store and searched through all the toys, well, Darby did anyway! They went to the local bookstore and she said hello to every customer there…

Darby was then taken to have a professional grooming and pampering session followed by a lovely soft blanket after the amazing bath she had. She then ate lunch at a local restaurant, how civilized and lovely!

She really was having a ball of a time, she really let everyone know how much of a good time she was having too!

Social media manager for the rescue, Neely Conway, said:

“She greeted everyone she met with a happy tail wag and big ol’smile …She loved riding in the car while poking her head out the window to feel the breeze. She wolfed down a Philly cheese-steak and would flop down on the ground with her froggy legs any chance she could get.”

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The most fitting way she could mark her day out was to then find a loving home to go to, forever, and get the love she deserved, she would do well in almost any home, even a first time dog owners home!

Neely went on to say:

“She would make a great dog to take out on a restaurant patio or brother or sister to a human sibling …She’s so laid-back. She loves napping, cuddling and basking in the sun. She has had many different kennel mates and done well with dogs while in our care.”

Darby really loved all the shelter staff and every bit of love and affection she gt there, but very clearly she would be much better for being in a loving family home once and for everafter.

Neely said finally:

“Darby is the perfect mix of calm and loving …She’s independent, but loves melting into your lap when she sees you.”

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