Bikers Spotted A Box In A Field, They Went To Investigate – Their Lives Were Changed!

On a day out you don’t often expect to have a surprise, it’s certainly not usual anyway! These bikers certainly got a surprise that they really were not expecting to get for sure!

Zach Winingar and his father Bret were out biking on their motorcycles, they were having a great day out taking in the ambiance of the moment together…

Then something caught their attention, something in the corner of their eyes, in a field, that was out-of-place, they pulled over, it was time to investigate what they had seen!

As they got to the spot they were very curious as to what it was, it was an animal carrier, they were really surprised to find out what is inside!

What they didn’t realize at the time though, is that what they would find in that carrier would completely change their lives as they knew them!

The crate looked chewed like something was trying to chew its way free!

They opened the crate and they melted to see the poor starving dog inside it, the dog crawled out stiff from being left trapped in the crate.

They went straight to get food, they wanted to feed her, she gobbled up the food so fast, poor girl!

Bret and Zach came back in a truck so that this time they could take the sweet doggie along with them, to safety!

They put her in the truck and she really did show her gratitude for being rescued!

They gave her a bath got her looking and smelling so much better, she must have felt it too.

They decided to call her Charlie Bravo, that’s “CB” for short…

Next stop, the vet, her nails were far too long, in fact, they curled back into her pads.

The poor girl had quite a few sores on her, they all needed to be looked at, the vet said she was about 8 months old, but no one knows how long she was trapped in the carrier!

It wasn’t too hard to see though, by just looking at her nails and her black paws that should be white, that she had been out there quite a while!

Bret wasn’t planning to keep her, just to foster her, but then he couldn’t part with her!

CB was more than happy about that!

She’s now safe and loving forever home, just where she belongs!

A Facebook page was set up to show her journey, the donations flooded in to help with all her medical bills, it was amazing!

The remainder of all the donations, of which there was quite a lot was donated to other animal shelters for other animals to benefit from, really lovely!

The family now has four rescue doggies and plan to start a foundation to help others too!

They decided they would call it “Charlie’s Angels.”

What a lovely end to an amazing and lovely story!

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