Blind and deaf Great Dane has someone very special looking out for her!

Echo, a beautiful Great Dane, was rescued at 12 weeks old by Marion Dwyer. Echo’s owner was prepared to euthanize the pup because Echo was blind and deaf (and couldn’t bear to care for her).

The pup was 15 pounds underweight and visibly neglected. Dwyer happily took Echo into her home in the Niagra Falls area in New York.

When Dwyer became pregnant, something special happened. Echo bonded to Dwyer’s belly. As if she knew there was something very special inside. When Jennie was born, it all made perfect sense.

The two took to one another like fated friends. Jennie totters around and Echo is always right behind. They play together, snuggle together and eat together. And when it’s time for walks, Jennie is happy to lead… and Echo is happy to gently follow behind.

Because Jennie doesn’t speak yet, their bond is based on touch and an emotional connection. It is also based on mutual trust.

Great Dane

Their story, and video snippet of Jennie walking Echo, has become world famous.

There is just something so sweet and so special about their bond that dog lovers around the world are falling head over paws for these two. And who can blame them?!

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