Blind rescue dog gets his eyesight back in tearjerking video!

Duffy is an Irish Terrier dog who had been facing a ton of very serious medical issues.

Rescuers learned within a few days that not only was he blind, but  the dog also suffered from canine diabetes.

Fortunately for the Duffster, doctors were able to get his diabetes under control. However, no one was sure whether he’d ever actually be able to see his new family.

So, his compassionate new parents decided to take matters into their own hands, investing in surgery that just might give Duffy the chance to use his eyes again. And guess what? It worked. In the heartwarming video below, watch the moment Duffy slowly realizes he can see again. A smile spreads across his face.

He is so excited, emotional and grateful – and it’s enough to brings tears to my eyes. Sometimes people do good things. This was a good thing.


Just listen to him when he finally gets to see them… What a touching moment! So heartwarming to see how grateful our fur babies are when we show them love, unlike so many human beings.

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You can watch the video here: