Brave dog nearly dies trying to protect his loving owners!

Loyalty is an important trait, but far too uncommon. We expect our friends and family to have our back, but that’s not always the case.

When we’re put into a situation where trust is tested, we quickly discover who stands behind us and who doesn’t.

This holds true with animals, as well. Anyone with a family pet will tell you there’s a special bond they share. Dogs are a great example of this loyalty.

Over time, they grow incredibly affectionate of their owners and will stand by to protect them even in the most dangerous moments. A brave dog from Kibler Park, South Africa, is recovering at a local veterinarian hospital after it courageously defended its owners during a horrifying incident.

A brave family dog from Kibler Park, South Africa, is being treated at the local Kibler Park Veterinarian Hospital after it attempted to defend its family from a life-threatening situation.

brave dog

According to authorities, a man tried to attack his parents with a knife. The dog heard the terrified screams and quickly came to their aid.

Unfortunately, the son managed to stab the dog six times before he ran off.

brave dog

Although police are still searching for the perpetrator, the brave dog is being hailed as a local hero and is expected to make a full recovery.

This is an incredible example of animal loyalty. You might take your pets for granted sometimes.

brave dog

But you’ll never know the true courage and bravery that lives in them. It’ll be  until they see their owners in need of help.

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