This is Clover’s Story. Even in her condition, she makes the most of her life!

Everyone who meets German Shepherd Clover has remarked on her happy and loving nature. Clover was hit by a car and left on the side of the road.

She had a broken femur and was in pretty bad shape, but was so sweet that the shelter reached out to find her a rescue. Once we got her to our vet, we found out her injuries were more severe than originally expected.

In addition to the broken leg, German Shepherd also suffered a spinal injury with significant cord swelling. Had this been treated at the onset, her condition might have been better, but it has caused her to lose the mobility in her hind end.

Knowing dogs can recover from these types of injuries, we elected to give her time to heal rather than euthanize her. Her femur fracture was repaired and has healed.

German Shepherd

While Clover still cannot walk, she is making great progress. She has regained movement in her legs, has recently started moving her tail; and can even stand for short periods of time.

Recovery from a spinal injury does not occur overnight and we want to give Clover a chance. We know she would benefit from intense physical therapy to teach her muscles how to work again.

German Shepherd

We have found California Animal Rehabilitation, a rehab facility in Los Angeles that can give Clover this level of rehab and Care. Unfortunately, even with a substantial discount it is still very costly for the extensive rehab that Clover requires.

Over the past few months of therapy at C.A.R.E., Clover has made slow, but steady progress. This beautiful German Shepherd enjoys all her physical therapy and treatments and works very hard.

German Shepherd

Even in her condition, she is still very enthusiastic and makes the most of her life. She loves attention and will be as active as she is allowed to be.

She loves to play with toys, chew on antlers or kongs and loves to tool around in her wheels.

Even if she doesn’t regain full use of her hind legs; she still has a good quality of life and is not hard to manage.