Cruel man was recorded kicking small dog in the face until it started bleeding!

Yes, this is a picture of a man kicking his small dog in the face.

It happened in the city of Toxteth located in Liverpool, England, and the authorities are looking for this evil man.

A good Samaritan captured the video and posted it to social media to help get the word out.

According to witnesses, the man was seen getting off the bus with his Jack Russell terrier and kicked it from side to side.

small dog

The dog was obviously terrified and was trying to wiggle free, but the man just kept dragging it down the street!

Here is the trail of blood left behind! This is outrageous!

small dog

Some bystanders ran over and confronted the man, but I suppose he was able to get away with the dog.

Let us join together and find this man – he should not be allowed to own a dog!

small dog

We need to find the small dog before it is too late! Share away, people.