Dedicated dog owner will sell everything she owns to save dog’s life!

Dolly-Ann Osterloh may be the most dedicated dog owner in the world.

She adopted her pup, Snoopy, nine years ago from a kill shelter in New Jersey where he was kept in a birdcage after a family abandoned him in a trash can.

She fell in love with his photo online and immediately made the trip to the shelter to adopt him. And she writes, “Though he had been fiercely mistreated he never gave up hope and never lost his love for life. He has always been full of love, a humble creature who never barks or expects anything more than basic human kindness.”

Like other dogs, Snoopy has a big heart, but this might end his life.

Snoopy has mitral valve disease, a condition which has caused his heart to function poorly and grow much too big for his little body.

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There is a surgery that can save him, but for a dog his size, there is only one surgeon who can perform it, and that surgeon only has one available slot. The cost of the surgery will be over €30,000, but Dolly-Ann doesn’t feel that there is any price too high to save Snoopy.

Dolly-Ann is using everything she has saved. She has also taken out a bank loan and borrowed money from friends and relatives. She started a GoFundMe page that has yet to reach its goal.

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Her partner has created an online game to raise awareness about Snoopy’s situation. But even with a wonderful support system, and having exhausted every conceivable option, she still doesn’t have enough to pay for the surgery.

Time is running out. If Dolly-Ann and Snoopy cannot pull together the funds soon, she’ll have to let Snoopy go. Many owners would give up, make their pet comfortable and prepare for the end, but not Dolly-Ann.
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Stephen Hawking with Snoopy and his mum Dolly-Ann Osterloh. Photo by Max Alexander, 2014.

In the face of bleak circumstances, she is fighting even harder for her little dog. She is refusing to give up without literally risking everything first.

This Friday, September 8 2017, Dolly-Ann will open her home to the public, and everything inside it will be for sale. “You can buy anything you see … even the lock on my door if you wish… except my dog.” The sale will simultaneously be live streamed; and those who can’t make it to the apartment can make their purchases online.

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Richard Dawkins with Snoopy, his mum and Moritz von Zeddelmann. Photo by Max Alexander
Dolly-Ann’s devotion to her dog is unmatched. She’s willing to sell everything she owns – from her clothes and shoes, to furniture, even the kitchen sink, ANYTHING to raise the money needed to save Snoopy’s life.

She contacted several news sites personally; including iHeartDogs to get the word out about the sale. It may be her last chance to raise the money.

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The amazing Brian Blessed supports Snoopy’s campaign. #SaveSnoopy

Although Dolly-Ann is absolutely willing to say goodbye to all her possessions before she says goodbye to Snoopy, she would probably prefer to keep her things.

You can donate to Snoopy’s surgery on GoFundMe, which, at this moment, has raised only 4,726€ of 10,000€ goal – less than half. Donate on behalf of a dog you love; or in memory of a dog you lost, or in honor of Dolly-Ann’s incredible spirit.

Click here for more information on the sale, or watch the live stream on YouTube. Share with your friends and raise awareness for Snoopy and other dogs with mitral valve disease using #SAVESNOOPY.