Deputy finds lost and confused Pit Bull. Takes the cutest selfies together!

An Arizona Deputy of Pima County is making people across the world swoon. His actions portray something that we wish we could see in every human on the planet. This is going to melt your heart!

Deputy Donald Molchan received a call about a dog in distress. The poor thing was apparently wandering around alone and confused outside a gas station with no owner in sight.

The pup, which turned out to be a Pit Bull, was bigger and muscular in stature – making some people weary of wanting to approach and help the poor thing. But Deputy Molchan knew better than that.

When Deputy Molchan arrived he could sense the sweetness within this dog’s soul and immediately approached the dog. Molchan couldn’t have been any more correct. The Pit Bull was a big old sweetheart.

Pit Bull

Deputy Molchan instantly connected with this sweet pup and decided to do the cutest & sweetest thing you’ve ever SEEN!

Deputy Molchan knew they’d formed an immediate friendship and felt the need to document it by taking the sweetest selfies known to man!

Pit Bull

Tell me your heart isn’t just a giant puddle of feelings after seeing these!

After sticking around for a bit to see if the owner’s would arrive – it was clear that they weren’t coming.

Pit Bull

So he gave the Pittie some water and put him in his patrol car – but of course – there had to be one more selfie!

The sweet Pit Bull is now at the Pima Animal Care Center – waiting to see if his owners come to claim him.

Pit Bull

But at this point? The pics have gone SO viral that there’s no doubt he’ll find a new home if he’s not claimed. Folks in the Tucson area who can help reunite this dog with his owners are encouraged to call the Pima Animal Care Center.