Dog abandoned by her family won’t let go of her favorite toy!

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to hear stories of dogs getting dumped at the shelter because they were unwanted. Maybe it’s because of their age, maybe it’s because they have a certain temperament, or maybe they family is moving.

For one dog? It was his favorite toy that got her through.

A young Pit Bull named Layla was recently dropped off at a shelter. All because her family thought that she was just “one too many” for their household.

“We read her owner surrender notes, which stated she lived with five kids and two other dogs, and that she was surrendered due to too many pets,” O’Sullivan told a fellow website. “It’s very sad.” The little Pittie was very close to the 2-year old and 7-year old in the family, so when she was dropped off…she was devastated and didn’t know how to act.

But it was a stuffed toy, her favorite toy, that helped her cope.


“She was obviously very uncomfortable in the shelter and not doing very well at all,” O’Sullivan said.

“Many dogs get stressed in a shelter situation — they’ve lost everything they know. This dog was very close to the children in the home, so it’s no surprise she was uncomfortable in the shelter.”


But it was her favorite toy that brought her some much needed comfort. “She was self soothing with her little stuffed animal,” O’Sullivan said.

The stuffed toy would only help beautiful Layla so much. She was at a high kill shelter and would be put down if she wasn’t adopted soon.


“She was already on the list a couple of times, so the shelter wasn’t going to give her any more time,” O’Sullivan said.

Luckily – a rescue group found out about Layla and was able to put her in a foster home.


“So many great dogs get dumped at shelters every day, O’Sullivan added. “It’s really heartbreaking. But we’re happy she got a chance because, from everything we’ve seen, she’s a great dog.”