This animal abuser found out the hard way that Karma never sleeps

When Marianna Rollins received a medical discharge from the military, she was also provided with a service dog to assist her with her PTSD.

He was a male pit bull by the name of Cam. And while this dog was provided to help her, what took place next was utterly despicable.

Marianna and her boyfriend Jarren murdered the animal in cold blood. We cannot believe that anyone could ever be so cruel to an innocent animal.

Not only did they kill a dog who was trained to assist them, but they even recorded themselves committing this horrific crime. The video is incredibly graphic and we do not advise that you watch it, as it is difficult viewing to stomach.

The couple is said to have laughed throughout the proceedings. This depraved duo did not deserve the services of this adorable and helpful dog.


They even tied the animal to a tree before shooting him and each of them shot Cam five times.

Marianna was brazen enough to post a picture of Cam before the murder; claiming that she was about to send him to a better place.


Cam’s body was placed in a shallow grave; and the idiotic couple left behind more than enough evidence for the local authorities to tie them to the murder.

The couple has since been arrested and they are now awaiting trial for their utterly deplorable actions. We sincerely hope that they are given the harshest sentence possible under the current laws.


No good thugs like these deserve to be taught a serious lesson. We are glad that karma came from them so swiftly.

While there is no way to ever bring Cam back, Marianna and Jarren’s story needs to be shared with a wider audience.


So that awareness can be raised about senseless animal cruelty.