Dog On The Euthanize List – He Freaks Out When He’s Adopted!

Shelter dogs are not always happy dogs, but that largely depends on their position, they are safe and fed, but are they happy and do they get the love they need? Then if they are in a kill shelter what fate awaits them if they are not adopted?

In shelters that are fast to put down animals because they have little space and many dogs coming to them every day is an especially sad thought too!

Dogs like this in a shelter have long and lonely days in a kind of prison cell, waiting to be adopted, fed but lonely and sad too, longing to play and be loved!

Then when a shelter dog is finally adopted, how their lives change, for the better, and their world is turned completely upside down…

Dogs really do feel emotions, they show their emotions through how they look and how they act just like we do, except of course they have a tail to wag too!

Many have discussed the in’s and out’s of adoption, but to actually witness it yourself it something else completely, and this is just the case with Benny, a really lovely and shy dog, stuck in a shelter, he was adopted from the high-kill Carson Animal Care Center in California.

Benny was on that terrible list when he was finally adopted. So how did he actually react to that?

You can see Benny really almost explode with anticipation, that doggie is really trying to contain himself, looking around, trying to sit still, wanting this to be his family!

He really does try to contain himself, then all of a sudden he sees the leash that means he can join his family and he can release his excitement. They bond straight away, he is now being led to the car !!

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