Family knows something is wrong when dog greets them at door. Then find house covered in blood…

Your home is your sanctuary. It should be a place where you always feels safe.

It is terrifying when someone breaks into your house. A major violation of privacy, your sense of security is immediately shattered.

For one family, nightmare became reality. A burglar broke into their home when they were away.

The thief would have had a field day in the house, taking whatever they pleased, but one thing stood in their way. The family pet jumped into action to protect the home.


When the Murrin family arrived home, they were shocked at what they found. “We didn’t see anything wrong at the front door,” said Tristan Murrin.

It wasn’t until they stepped through the front door that they encountered an absolutely horrifying sight. They couldn’t believe what they were looking at.


“We noticed something when we walked in. I walked in with my mother and there is blood spots on the ground, we looked up stairs and you see trails of blood coming from up stairs going all the way down,” said Murrin.

It was clear that someone had broken into the house not realizing that the Murrin’s German shepherd was home. The guard dog jumped into action to defend the property.


The family was amazed that the dog chased off the burglar because it is normally a very friendly pup. “He plays with the kids, the cul-de-sac knows him.

They know him as big dog, the community loves him; the kids come up to him and want to touch him and play with him,” said Murrin.


They are so thankful that their furry friend was able to protect their belongings. “I think the dog did its job. He knew that someone was not supposed to be in my house and no one was home,” said Murrin.

The scene was quite scary to arrive home to, but they are happy with the turnout. That pup deserves an extra milk bone for his actions!