Dog Lost Her Owner, Completely Heartbroken, Says one Last Goodbye!

We all, as dog owners, dread the day that we lose our dog, but for a dog to lose their owner is less heard of, but equally, they feel so much grief like we do.

The funeral service in Langley, British Columbia, recently shared a photo that is really worth a thousand words!

The picture captures the last farewell of this loving doggie, that was allowed to take part in the funeral. The woman had suddenly lost her hubby to a heart attack, Sadie, their doggie didn’t want to leave his side, she was really depressed.

She was really showing signs of depression and wouldn’t eat, she just wanted her friend to come home, every day she pined for him, lost…

The woman really thought that Sadie would have a great benefit from saying goodbye to he beloved owner and that she would begin to settle after it.
The woman believed that Sadie would benefit from saying goodbye to her beloved guardian – and she was right.

Sadie lost around ten pounds during the time she refused to eat, the ten days after she lost her owner was really rough for her, poor girl!

Just like us though Sadie needed some closure, and to finally get to grips with the reality of the situation that her best friend, sadly, could not come back to her.

The widow said that when Sadie came back home after the service, she had finally eaten her first meal in such a long time since it happened, she was beginning to recover from her sad loss, but never forgotten!

It just goes to show the strong and amazing relationship we have between us and our beloved doggies, they love us as we love them!

Hug your doggie just a little longer next time they come to you for a bit of attention!

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