Dog who survived eating rocks finally finds forever home!

A dog Alex, the Weimaraner, has quite the unbreakable spirit. After surviving by eating only sticks and rocks, Alex was rescued by the Southern Animal Foundation.

Alex had been living at an Iberia Perish animal shelter. This doggie was so thin that almost every bone in his body was visible. He weighed a mere 45 pounds, and officials from the shelter were sure he was going to die, so he was not given the proper treatment he needed to recover.

When a representative from Southern Animal Foundation came across Alex’s image, they knew that they had to step in to help this pup.

An X-ray of Alex’s stomach revealed that he was completely filled with rocks. But they were confident they could help him. His recovery has been miraculous.

Now, this dog has beaten the odds and has finally found a forever home.

He was adopted by Diane Lundeen, who owns two other Weimaraners, and said she fell in love with Alex as soon as she met him.


After undergoing surgery and intensive de-worming, a dog Alex currently weighs close to 80 pounds.

And he loves playing with his brother and sister.


“He is doing great. And he loves his brother and sister,” Lundeen told SAF in her most recent update.

“He is the peacekeeper in the family. so if play gets too rough between the baby and Anya, he speaks up. The three went through all of the new squeaky toys I bought them, filling my living room with stuffing snow.”

Check out the video below to see more of Alex’s amazing transformation.