Family dog is confused when 5-month-old keeps falling over, so he decides to help!

It’s a well-known fact that a dog will do just about anything to make sure their family’s human baby is protected and loved all throughout their little lives!

Family pets will look over and watch out for their little humans almost as if they’re big brothers or big sisters, and do absolutely anything they can to protect them with their lives.

But it turns out that our furry family friends will also go out of their way to educate their baby friends as they grow up to become toddlers!

The little 5-month-old child is clearly struggling to properly crawl across the carpet, and while at first it seems as if he’s never going to get it, his best friend, the dog, shows up to help him out in the cutest way possible.

They’re both adorable, bring endless smiles to our faces, and also have a similar habit of getting into all kinds of adorable messes.

The adorable Jack Russell terrier notices the baby’s difficulty with crawling and slowly demonstrates the proper technique.


The dog drags himself across the floor and perfectly pulls himself forward using his little paws.

While it takes a few moments for this tiny child to notice his teacher in action, when he finally does? It’s absolutely perfect to watch!

Thank goodness Dad was there to catch the whole thing on camera!

This video might be short, but it really shows the important kind of bond that babies and dogs have.

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