Family Buys A ‘Dog’ On Vacation – But They Have A Shock Coming!

In this crazy world, we hear some even crazier stories, but that is great, to hear about some of the craziest things around the globe, for example, a woman discovered that her puppy, bought from a Chinese pet store last year, is really a fox, well there is more…

Another pet owner has come to a conclusion about their beloved pet too, it all started when they bought a pet while on vacation.

About two years ago they were on their vacation, Su Yun, from Kunming, the Yunnan province of China, bought an adorable puppy, thinking it was a Tibetan Mastiff, then they took doggie home with them!

Right from the beginning, the family was astonished by their pet’s huge appetite, their ‘doggie’ apparently munched up a box of fruit and two buckets of noodles every single day!

It was not then until their ‘dog’ got to 250 pounds and started to walk on his hind legs that they thought something was not right about him, there was definitely something amiss!

This ‘dog’ they have is actually, as it happens, a bear, in fact, to be accurate an ‘Asiatic black’.

The family is quite understandably a little scared of bears and really don’t see themselves being able to care for the bear, they have sought the help of proper wildlife professionals who will take the bear to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center!

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