Family dog suddenly disappears. 8 years later she gets a weird call in the middle of the night!

Losing a pet is one of the most devastating events that can take place and when we cannot locate our missing animals, we tend to experience a great deal of sadness as a result.

Sometimes, we get to enjoy a real life story about a pet who is able to find their home that beats the ones from the movies. One dog who went missing over eight years ago was recently reunited with her mother and we are glad to bring you this amazing story ourselves.

Tessa the dog had managed to get away from her owner when she was just two years old. Her owner Louise realized that the dog must have made her way through a gate that had been left open and spent several hours searching for her beloved pup.

In the months that followed, Louise continued her efforts, putting up flyers and taking out ads in various newspapers. She even canvassed several neighborhood during her search for the lost dog and had no luck at all.

While the animal was wearing the proper tags that contained all of her necessary contact information when she first vanished, no one ever called to provide any tips on her whereabouts.

As the years passed, the prospect of receiving a call became more and more unlikely.


However, this story had quite the twist ending. After eight long years of waiting, Louise received the call that she had always been waiting for.
Animal control had located her lost dog and was ready to reunite her with Tessa immediately.

Lee County Domestic Animal Services had found Tessa. Once Louise arrived on the scene, she knew immediately that she had been reunited with her lost baby.

Tessa immediately recognized her mother and gave her plenty of kisses to show her appreciation. Even though she had been away from home for a very long time, she remained healthy.


And once she was caught up on the necessary shots, she was given the chance to head home. Louise is now sharing her story with pet owners everywhere as a reminder of the importance of microchipping.

Had Louise not placed a microchip in her puppy, she never would have seen her beloved pet ever again. All it takes is some foresight and planning for other pet owners to avoid incidents like these.

Be sure to pass this story along and do your part when it comes to spreading awareness.