Found Shaved And Left In The Park To Die, They Called Him “Rocky”!

One of the greatest things we can celebrate, if not stamping out people abandoning dogs, is that there are some really awesome people who rescue, nurse to health and find new homes for these lovely intelligent dogs! But this one is a real miracle, abandoned in a park near Philadelphia, so close to never recovering!

This doggie was rescued and in a really poor condition indeed, Tuesday night they took this poor doggie straight into surgery, it was even on the CBS Philadelphia news!

A Humane officer, according to Providence Animal Center, found him in the Park, Deshong Park, in Chester, they knew when they found him he looked in a serious condition.

The Animal Rescue Group said:“The dog was skin and bones, unable to lift his head”

They went on to say that this dog came to them in a terrifying condition, weighing only 50 pounds, that’s around half what he should have weighed in at, his belly and arm areas were shaved too.

The vets say that the shaved areas could indicate that he had recently had an ultrasound, so what had exactly happened and why he was on the street really remains a mystery, could somebody not afford his treatment and turned him out?

He was named Sly, after Philly’s own Sylvester Stallone, how cute a name picked by the Providence Animal Center, they said that he is a real fighter so he deserved a name to show he was a real “Rocky” strong fighter!

The took x-ray images of him and found that he had rope blocking his intestines, likely a rope toy that is tangled inside him, he has to be rushed to the emergency care facility, now he could really have 24-hour specialist care!

Wednesday morning it was reported that Sly was wagging his tail again and trying to loft his head too, he could then return the rescue center to recover and gain his strength, then ultimately find a forever home!

Sly is heading to stay at a medical foster home with one of the people who saved his life, Dr. Gia Croce. He is one of the veterinarians that performed the outstanding surgery on Sly that Tuesday night. They had Sly at home and took him for a lovely walk on the nice wet grass, he really loved it!

The center feels that he will make a full recovery, but he is not out of the woods yet, vets found an ulcer in his right eye, which seems to have ruptured, it looks like he will also lose his right eye, he is being closely watched!

The rescue center is seriously investigating the circumstances in which he was abandoned and ask anyone who knows anything to please come forward and contract them!

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