Homeless Guy And A Dog Take Solace In Each Other On Pavement!

There are many stories about a homeless guy dogs, and even though it is a common theme this story is different than any other we have seen, so touching, it really is true that a picture says a thousand words!

The picture you see is taken in front of the Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM – Turkish: Atatürk Kültür Merkezi) on Taksim Square, also next to the entrance of the Taksim station of the Istanbul Metro.

The AKM is a model of environmentally friendly preservation and a completely apt location for such a touching picture we see here.

The modernization works had been designed by renowned Turkish architecture firm Tabanlıoğlu Mimarlık, but this picture is renowned for a different reason!

The homeless guy and the dog hugging on the street is such a touching site, but not only that, in such a meaningful location, like it was meant to be!

Such a site touch all the passers-by and was truly heartfelt by all that day, May 20 like a deeper message to us all about love and loss and support…

The two of them there that day were photographed by many passers-by, a testament to how much this gesture between the two of them really touched us on a deeper level!

Photos of the two of them embracing each other went viral all over social media networks!

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