Huddled In A Corner, He Finally Gets Rescued From His Sad Ordeal!

No matter how terrible the plight of a dog the wonderful people that work in rescue groups are there ever ready to jump in and save them. This story is sadly a case of fighting, get your bow of tissues ready, because we really felt so upset for this doggie!

This Pit Bull was found in a really appalling condition, it was completely heartbreaking to see. He was first spotted by a homeowner who first spotted the dog in a bad way and called the Sheriff’s Department.

It was the Sheriff’s Department, who actually contacted Southern Cross Animal Rescue (SCAR), who then really assessed the dog’s condition carefully, it was quite clear that he had been the victim of organized fights.

The lovely doggie was so sweet, they called him Atlas and then took him to the vet for much-needed emergency care.

Initially When SCAR first arrived the scared doggie was all huddled up in the corner, close to the house, hiding from the terrors of the people who hurt him!

He had deep cuts and bites on his face and neck, he also was so incredibly thin, but also and perhaps even worse he had a seriously swollen leg and back!

Atlas really does deserve a second chance at life, the chance to live a life without pain and suffering, with love and care, SCAR will make sure that he will get that chance, after his X-RAYS and surgery of course!

He might well be on the path to recovery, but it will be a long path for this poor doggie, in fact, he is lucky to still be alive.

Most of the victims of fighting like this doggie and not usually found in time to give them a second chance, sadly they will never be able to know love and warmth, only fear and pain, every day!

Even though in all 50 States it is completely illegal to do or be involved in dog fighting in any way, it still goes on and it still happens to this very day!

If you even suspect that you know about dog fighting then contact your local police or sheriff, animal abuse in any way needs to be stopped and if we are all vigilant it will help to do just that!

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