Lava Flows Traps These Two Scared Dogs, Rescuers Battle To Save Them!

Among some of the rarer situation we have covered, this is right up there, to think, how many times does a human being see a larva flow, let alone have to rescue a doggy from one!

One resident of Puna, Carol Hosley, in Hawaii really had a great loss, her home, and all her things were destroyed by the Kilauea volcano eruption, just to make it worse her two doggies, Brus and Little Dude, were nowhere to be seen.

Around ten days before Carol was up in the night at about 2 am, woken by an emergency crew at her door, the ground near Leilani Estates apartment had been cracked and opened up.

There were black lava and sulfur dioxide gas emanating from the ground, the emergency crew insisted that her house had to be evacuated straight away, there was no time to wait!

She hurried to pack her bags and gather some important things as fast as she could, her rescue dogs were just as scared too, but for another reason!

One of her doggies, called Brus was a nervous dog, he has a nervous temperament and really didn’t like men either, which was difficult for the local shelter who had him initially, with Carol was his perfect home!

The emergency crew made Brus feel uneasy, he wasn’t even aware of the danger outside the house, he dashed out of the door in a panic, Little Dude followed him, also a little freaked out!

With the emergency crew there to evacuate everyone, Carol couldn’t stop to find her lovely dogs, Aloha Ilio Rescue wrote on Facebook about the incident…

They said:

“[The firemen] weren’t willing to wait …And she is in her 70s. She had to leave.”

Daylynn Kyles, president of Aloha Ilio Rescue realized that little Brus was left out, alone and scared, she was really dead set on finding and returning him to his owner, one of the few people who he was so happy with!

Evin in the awful and serious life-threatening circumstances, the volunteers from Aloha Ilio took turns searching the whole area even though it was deserted.

They said:

“We left a crate and food for him. There are fresh footprints, his size, on Luana Street in the mud …If you see him PM us. Women only. He is terrified of life as it is … men send him over the top.”

Even after it was thought that all hope was lost, they still didn’t stop the search…

They said:

“We’ve been looking for him for 10 days, and we’ve just kept going back”

On Sunday, Kyles returned another time to the nearly abandoned section of the island, although this time with two of her female friends, very smart, they could hear lava bombs in the distance!

Then they finally caught sight of him and cornered him between a fence and a cooling lava flow.

Kyles said:

“They were stuck behind a fence, and couldn’t get out because of the lava that surrounded them. It was crazy …We just knew this dog was probably just terrified.”

The rescuers carved a path with a machete through the over-growth to finally free the two little-lost doggies, they were covered in red ant bites, poor doggies!

Donna Pacheco, vice president of Aloha Ilio Rescue said:

“Tanya crawled into a hole in the bush most likely made by feral pigs and saw Brus and Little Dude hunkered down along a fence surrounded by lava …When the dogs heard them they started barking. Tanya climbed the fence and handed the dogs off to Kerry. They then headed out of the bushes.”

They reunited the two frightened doggies with their mom, finally, they are so pleased to feel safe and happy again with their mom!

Carol said:

“I’m just thrilled to death, I just couldn’t be happier …The other stuff is stuff, but I got the dogs.”

What a wonderful reunion in such a difficult time, we are so pleased that they are once again reunited and safe!