They moved and left their dog behind, tied up in the cold without food. So he ate metal to survive!

In Detroit, Michigan, Tad was left abandoned in the backyard, chained up in the cold without food or water.

His family just left him there when they moved out of the house a few days before Christmas.

Neighbors discovered the dog, named Tad, and called Happy Days Dog and Cat Rescue for help.When rescuers arrived, the dog was starving and barely alive.

He was so hungry that he had resorted to eating scraps of metal and carpet to survive. Tad was bleeding internally and needed blood transfusions. He had blockages in his digestive system from eating all of the garbage that he was surrounded by.


And he was covered in ticks.

Things are looking better for Tad, who is just one year old. He has started his road to recovery and is safe and warm.

Thankfully, Tad is now getting the help he needs and is on his way to recovery.

Once he is healthy enough, he will be put up for adoption and will hopefully find a loving family to help him heal.

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