BaoBao’s Sad Goodbye – Emotional goodbye to 17-year-old dog at the vet

If you’ve experienced the love and joy of sharing your home with a dog, you know how your canine companion can enrich the lives of everyone in your home.

Children, in particular, grow especially fond of their pets. With the happiness that comes with having a dog, there too, can also be great sadness and grief when your pet passes away.

Not all animals die in their sleep. Most are taken to a vet and put down after everyone has said their goodbyes. Making that decision to end your pet’s life isn’t easy. Adults can rationalize this choice, but children can’t. They wish their pet could live and play with them forever.

Euthanizing a pet is an unfortunate event most pet families will face. It’s one children don’t always receive well. Losing a pet is one of the toughest, saddest life lessons.

But with the patience of their parents, children can come to understand why they are bidding their beloved friend farewell.

A little boy and his father took their dog, BaoBao to the vet; BaoBao is seventeen. She is deaf and blind and has a weak bladder. Sadly, she suffered catastrophic injuries in an accident.

Over the years, BaoBao traveled over 200,000 kilometers on her human’s scooter. The boy’s father and BaoBao hopped on the scooter as they done many times. While driving through an intersection, BaoBao fell off the vehicle.


Even though BaoBao’s owner wasn’t driving fast, the poor old girl was struck by a car.

BaoBao could have surgery to fix her smashed pelvis, but there was no guarantee she’d walk again.

BaoBao’s owner wrote about that last bike ride: “that, “That was her life….it was what she lived for. She died doing what she loved. And that’s the most that anyone can ask for.”

If BaoBao’s owner did decide to allow her to have the surgery, BaoBao would also endure physical therapy. Her long recovery wouldn’t be without pain. So the little boy’s father made the difficult decision to have BaoBao put to sleep.


He wrote about this as well, saying: “So I made the call to put her down while she was still ‘herself’ and not in too much pain.”

BaoBao’s human decided it would be kinder to end her suffering rather than prolong it. He wanted to remember BaoBao as the happy content dog, not the sick paralyzed dog. Explaining this to the little boy though had to be one of the hardest things this man ever had to do.

If you’ve lost a pet, you can relate to the tearful boy in this video. He’s so heartbroken at the thought of losing his BaoBao.

You almost wish you could reach through your screen and give him a big hug.