Mama Dog was found tied up in the cold forest kept her newborn puppies worm and alive!

There are no organizations in Greece who advocate for the humane treatment of animals. Some countries still don’t have laws to punish those who abuse, abandon, or neglect their pets.

Regrettably, they don’t believe animals deserve the same rights as humans. Therefore, cats and dogs roam the streets, continuing to breed and run wild. Those who own pets may not know the importance and benefits of fixing their pets. It can curb their wanderlust and calm them.

Lara is a mama pit bull. After discovering she was pregnant, Lara’s former owner took her into the forest outside Nafplion, Greece. They tied Lara to a tree and left her to the elements.

The pit bull had no water, food or adequate shelter in the changing weather. The villagers knew of Lara’s plight yet did nothing to save her.

Lara eventually delivered her pups. Despite her inadequate surroundings, Lara kept her puppies alive. The mama pit bull and her babies were finally rescued. Lara spent ten grueling days alone in the forest, tending to her helpless pups.

mama dog

The brave mama suffered from malnourishment and dehydration. Lara’s ordeal left her in shock and scared. Nevertheless, this brave lady did her job and cared for her babies.

Despite Lara’s attentiveness and the rescuer’s efforts, one of the pups died. The rest are doing well, and Lara is on the mend.

mama dog

Lara and her little family are being fostered by a woman named Linda. Over the past five years, Linda has cared for over 300 dogs.

Lara and her puppies are growing stronger each day. Lara is a happier dog now that she and her puppies are safe. She is gaining weight and is learning to trust humans again.

mama dog

How should those living in countries that don’t have laws banning animal cruelty begin the process of raising awareness that animal abuse and neglect need to be taken seriously by their governments?

What can people do on a smaller scale to raise this awareness?