Mama dog found tied to a radiator has never known what it’s like to have a home!

Cinnamon was discovered in a vacant apartment, shackled to a radiator so firmly that her leash needed to be cut by rescuers. Mama dog owners had been evicted, so they abandoned her.

She’d also just delivered a litter of puppies who were nowhere to be found. For the first couple of days she spent at the Yonkers Animal Shelter in New York, Cinnamon was troubled; she stayed curled up in a tiny ball inside her kennel, too frightened to move.

At 3 years old, Cinnamon had obviously been used for breeding and we are certain that she had never felt human kindness, right up until she arrived at the shelter.

The first several weeks were difficult. Cinnamon almost never untucked her tail from behind her legs, but volunteer Nancy Clarke could see something great in this mama dog, who had been “thrown away like garbage.”

mama dog

As time passed, Nancy discovered that the little red-nosed dog hadn’t learnt how to play with toys, but she was keen to give kisses and to roll over and present her belly, which was still inflamed because of the nursing.

Regardless of her anxiety, Cinnamon recognized the kindness in people. “She wants to forgive,” Nancy explained.

mama dog

Cinnamon has been living at the shelter for about two years, making her one of the longest-staying occupants.

Nancy doesn’t know why somebody hasn’t taken Cinnamon to their home yet. She wonders about this every day, since she has witnessed the type of happiness Cinnamon could provide a family.

mama dog

Cinnamon has a vinyl bed in her kennel, but she enjoys the large plushy bed inside the play room. Whenever Nancy takes her there, Cinnamon spins around in circles and plops onto the bed straight away; after that she would look at her friend with a big smile stretching from ear to ear.

When asked about her most cherished memory with Cinnamon; Nancy pauses for some time before saying simply, “Every day.” This mama dog is filled with love and appreciation.

mama dog

When she’s outdoors, she will run all over and roll around, but she always comes back to her volunteer friends to ensure that they’re okay, to give them smooches, and to say, “Thank you.

”Sadly, Cinnamon is being affected by the anxiety of having to stay in a shelter for such a long time. Everyday, Nancy sees her eyes becoming more bloodshot. She’s also shedding pounds and she appears more frantic than ever before leaving her cage. It’s like she’s screaming “Get me out of here,” Nancy said.

mama dog

The shelter could possibly be the most secure, most loving place Cinnamon has been; but a shelter is no place for a dog to spend her life in.

By forsaking her, Cinnamon’s previous owner had said, “We don’t need you anymore,” but there’s somebody out there who is looking for Cinnamon just as anxiously as she is looking for them. This someone will recognize in this smiling red dog a lot more than a “throwaway mama.” In Nancy’s words, “She’s pure love.”

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