Man adopts devoted dog who spent four months living in the car where his owner died!

A dog Merino and his human went out for a drive in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, when they ended up in a heartbreaking car accident. His human passed away. And even though the members of the family stated that they would look after Merino, nobody came to get him.

So he ended up being taken to the scrap yard together with the car. There he had been living for months. One worker eventually discovered him and began looking after him, and in the end took him home.

The accident occurred last September, and with nobody to bring Merino to his previous owner’s home, a cleaning crew hauled the car away with him still in it. His owner’s family promised to come back for him, but they never did.

So Merino continued to wait, by himself and very confused; for the owner who was never going to come back for him.

Four months after the dog first started living in the junk yard, a security guard named David Guimarães Santos was employed.


While looking over the property, he discovered the dog staying in the exact same car every single night. He found out about Merino’s story and was greatly moved by it.

David then started trying to earn the abandoned dog’s trust. As time passed, the two grew to become friends.


While Merino still slept inside the car, he would spend his days with David.

However, the guard was then hired to work at another area; which meant that Merino would yet again be by himself.

David didn’t want that to happen, so he made a decision to finally adopt Merino.


“I could not leave him there,” Santos said to Campo Grande News. “If his rightful owners came, I’d give him up. But I will not leave it to anyone I do not know to take care of him.”

At this point, 10 months after losing his family, a dog Merino is heading home with his new human. He was so sad when he was abandoned, but now he can carry on with his life with David.


“Now, it’s only joy,” Santos shared with Globo News. “When I arrive home, he runs to find me, jumping at the gate.”