He was hit and killed by a train desperately trying to save his beloved dog!

We all love our dogs and this is never more apparent until we do something crazy with a disregard for ourselves because we are thinking about our beloved dog(s). Scott Wulff was 61 years old when he did something that sadly ended his life trying to save his dog…

The Community in Jacksonville, Florida, is mourning a great loss of not one, but two heroes, Scott and his beloved dog Astrid, very sadly, were killed by an Amtrak train last Sunday. People that saw what happened say that Astrid was scared by an oncoming trains lights, and the deep vibrations and sounds, she broke loose…

Astrid was fast, scared and in a panic, she ran over the track to get away from what she thought was the danger, it was a panicked Scott that followed her, trying to grasp her to pull her back to safety.

Isaiah Boone said: “I heard the train speeding by, then a loud breaking sound.” – “So, I go outside and I see everybody drop down on the ground in tears. When I heard what had happened, I immediately told my restaurant I had to go, had to get away from the scene and walk.”

Working as a cashier at Wok & Roll, just over the street from where the accident happened, Boone worked at the restaurant where Scott and Astrid frequented, even when they were low on funds!

beloved dog

Boone said: “No matter how much or how little he had, he would always feed his dog first.”

“He made sure he let everybody know how much he loved her and how proud he was of her. She was his world.”

“Anywhere my dad went, Astrid was there,” Scott’s son, Jacob said. “She was his best friend.”

beloved dog

It made complete sense to everyone that without question Scott, without a second thought dived in the path of the train to save Astrid, his Staffordshire Bull Terrier who he had rescued from the streets back in 2013.

Jacob said:

“She was homeless and running loose on a bad side of town.”

“She ran straight to him and he just fell in love.”

beloved dog

Scott had always thought that Astrid was running from neglect, she was undernourished and had injuries to her paws, he even thought she may have been thrown out of a vehicle.

They searched for her owners for weeks but after they had no success she became his doggie…

Jacob said:

“My dad struggled with depression and alcoholism throughout his life.”

However, in recent years his father became sober, kept his landscaping job, mended family relationships and adored spending time with family, his granddaughters, five year old Audrey and 1 year old Lauren.

beloved dog

He absolutely gives the credit to Astrid, to much of his father’s recovery and his happiness in his remaining years he was with us.

“She was his accountability partner. She depended on him for her survival and he knew that so having her really helped him keep his act clean. It was almost like his second shot at parenthood – taking care of someone. That was their relationship. Astrid helped my dad get through a lot of his depression and face his personal demons.”

News of Scott’s and Astrid’s dying was a cold blow to everyone who knew then, both family and community too!

beloved dog

Jacob says: “My heart sank. I remember feeling numb and dropping to my knees.”

Jacob hopes that this story will move others and he will be well remembered. People sometimes just say that it’s just a dog, but seriously it is much more than that for most dog lovers, it’s a very special bond!

He valued Astrid’s life deeply, and his son was very deeply proud of his father too, I hope we can all honor him and share this story to remember him and his love of dogs!