This man found a backpack in his truck … And it was stuffed with an abandoned puppy!

In Tampa, Florida, an unbelievable discovery was made when a man found a backpack, stuffed with an abandoned Pit Bull puppy in the back of his truck!

Jerry Murray heard a noise and, upon looking in the back, he met eyes with the little puppy, now called Zeus.

Although he was not able to keep him, since he already had several dogs of his own; Murray knew he had to help the puppy out. His wife found the rescue group Second Chance Friends and contacted the organization.

Because of the traumatizing experience he had gone through; Zeus is still a little distrustful.


His new foster family is helping him learn that nothing bad will happen to him ever again.


Hopefully, he makes a quick progress – and when that happens; Zeus will be ready to start looking for a forever home.