2-Year-old boy vanishes, then police follow paw prints through the woods and solve his case!

There is nothing like the bond between a child and their pet. God blesses us with pets, and sometimes he uses these pets to do extraordinary things! The way God made animals is amazing, and sometimes they can truly surprise us with how smart they are!

It was October 2017, when Chelsea Nobel woke up in the middle of the night with the sinking feeling something was wrong. Feeling uneasy, she looked over to where her 2-year-old son, William, would be sleeping, but to her shock, he saw that he was gone!

Chelsea jumped out of bed and frantically searched her entire home, but she couldn’t find William anywhere. She called the police who then sent a search team including multiple helicopters, K-9 units, and volunteers to search for the missing boy.

They spent hours searching the heavily-wooded area around Chelsea’s home, but William was still nowhere to be found.

Authorities still were working non-stop when they spotted a set of tiny footprints in the woods. They tracked these prints and soon noticed that every time they saw what they assumed were William’s footprints, they found a second set of prints.


This discovery led them to believe that William wasn’t alone. But, the second set of prints was unusual because they belonged to an animal, not another human.

In another part of town a few hours after William’s disappearance, a 10-year-old boy named Blake Carroll was coming home from school when he heard the horn beeping from inside his uncle’s old truck.


Blake then noticed a pet circling the truck and desperately trying to get inside.

The little boy then peered through the windshield of the truck and discovered William, who was crying and pressing the horn. Blake immediately called to his uncle for help, and the two then pulled little William out of the car to safety.


Authorities arrived quickly to the scene and the search for William was called off. They found that aside from a few bug bites and minor scratches, William was unharmed from his late-night journey.

The sheriff’s department has deemed the pet, a dog who is named Jezebel, a hero for staying by William’s side the entire night!


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