Evil monsters taped this puppy’s muzzle shut, broke his legs and left to die!

This is a story of a poor 5 month old Husky puppy who was left to starve to death by his monstrous owners.

When this 11 pound puppy was rescued by the Ranch Dog Rescue, the volunteers couldn’t believe what they saw.

The puppy was in terrible condition and his muzzle was tied shut with multiple rubber bands. These rubber bands were so tight that they almost scarred his bone.

Not only that, the poor pup suffered from two broken legs and his teeth were rotten because he couldn’t open his mouth. This puppy belonged to two monsters married to each other; a couple of Marines and now they’re held for investigation for animal cruelty.


This husky pup called Kane had to have surgery to repair his feet…the poor puppy.

The founder of Ranch Dog Rescue called Maureen Keo couldn’t believe when she saw the pup for the first time.


The vets working on Kane agreed that it was a case of severe neglect and abuse.

The best part is that Kane has recovered and found his forever loving home and is a much happier pup!


Of course before he found his forever loving home, there were many people who wanted to adopt him!

It took Kane about six weeks to fully recover from his injuries and because he’s a special pet, he opted to live with a family experienced with special needs pets.


All thanks to his monster ex owners. Such a beautiful puppy, just look at him. How could these people EVEN think of abusing this puppy? How? Heartless people.

Now take a look at his awesome transformation and his Husky grumble!


Incredible transformation, but an unnecessary one had the couple taken care of the pup in the first place. Please adopt wisely.

Thankfully the puppy is in safe hands and is very happy now! Please share his story with your friends.