Naughty Little Dog Breaks “On The Couch” Rule With A Crafty Loophole!

When it comes to sharing our house with our pets we invariably have some rules for them to follow, like any other household members, but some rules are really hard to follow especially for this doggie!

Lexi is a lovely doggie, but her mom has allergies, so to keep a control on them Lexi is not allowed in the couch, which all seems pretty reasonable, except to Lexi, of course!

Like most doggies Lexi really loves the couch, it’s soft and warm and just perfect to sleep on too, and to lie on the couch and chew a bone, what could be better?

Our couches are by their nature meant to be soft, comfy and cozy, and it’s where usually us humans without beloved dogs chill out together and relax, not only that when us humans aren’t in the room where could be better to sleep than the couch!

Our couches carry our scent too so its even more alluring when we are not there, then our lovely dogs can smell our scent and feel all safe and happy, but letting your dog on the couch or not is really a preference.

Our dogs go on the couch, but they must lay on blankets, which works pretty well too, each to our own method, our dogs have to follow the house rules!

The experts say that if a doggie mixes their scent with our human scents, that it gives them the feeling that they are in one big pack and they are more likely to disobey you, but that is just one small element of raising a dog and the rules you choose for them.

Lexi however, knows that she is definitely not allowed on the couch, but the clever little doggie has found a loophole, half on the couch, but also half off the couch too!

She is laying on a blanket, sort of thinking:

“Am I really goin’ to get away with this little trick?”

Sadly for her mom, super fast, sets her back in her place, off the sofa and she reluctantly does as she is told to, but seriously this is the cutest little doggie ever!

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