Family demands answers after officer shoots, kills pit bull!

Police are investigating and a family is demanding answers after their dog was shot and killed by a Missouri City Police officer over the weekend.

It happened during the family’s get-together in their backyard on Friday. It all started with a noise complaint, and when officers entered the backyard; that’s when they say they were approached by the family’s pit bull.

But figuring out what happened next is what has the family asking for clarity from police.

“It’s been hard, it’s been hard because Chapo he wasn’t our dog, he was our family,” said owner, Lizzethe Pedregon.

Losing a family member is never easy, and for the Pedregon family, their pet Chapo was that and more.

pit bull

“Right away, we all just fell in love with him. He was our baby,” said Pedregon. The 2-and-half-year-old Pitbull was this family’s first dog.

“He was very kind, very gentle, he loved the kids, he was a sweet dog, he wasn’t mean, he wasn’t aggressive, he was just a sweet dog,” she said.

A dog, that took part in family get togethers, including one they held this past Friday night.

pit bull

“He was here, in our backyard, he was running around, there was a bowling ball, we were kind of throwing it, he likes to play, everybody took turns and threw it,” said Pedregon.

But the mood quickly turned, after Missouri City Police officers arrived. “Everything happened so fast, just very fast,” said Pedregon.

They’d been called out for a noise complaint at the home, and when they went to the backyard, that’s when one officer says the dog charged at him, forcing him to shoot.

pit bull

Officials say the officer feared for his safety and called for someone to restrain Chapo.

But the Pedregons say that’s not what happened. “We didn’t hear them bang on the gate, we didn’t hear the police, nothing, nothing to get our attention, so that we could open the gate for them,” she said.

The family says the only noise they did hear was gunfire and then saw their dog lying helpless.

pit bull

“Everybody that was here, we have witnesses, who saw them, I was facing the back, but they saw them, they say Chapo did not growl, Chapo did not bark, Chapo did absolutely nothing,” said Pedregon.

The family, now wants answers. “I want to make sure they followed protocol; and make sure they did what they were supposed to do,” said Pedregon.

The family says the Missouri City police chief has reached out to them personally; saying they don’t take cases like this lightly.

The officer who shot the dog was wearing a body camera.

That footage is being reviewed by police, and won’t be released until the investigation is complete.