Officer Does Something Beyond Call Of Duty For This Dog And His Owner!

The guy was desperately trying to raise money for the vet for his doggie last Thursday, Vets4Pets, a charitable animal hospital, shared a photo of Karma, the doggie in question…

Bart Wester, an officer in Tampa saw the guy who was standing with his doggie, he thought that this circumstance deserved something more than the call of duty!

The animal hospital wrote on Facebook:“Instead of arresting the homeless man, Officer Wester put he and Karma in his police car and drove them to Vets4Pets. He then paid the entire veterinary bill”

The rescue organization, Vets4Pets, really were so pleased and really applauded the officer’s kindness and his amazing heart, how generous he really was!

Vets4Pets said:

“We were just informed Officer Wester has been with the Tampa Police Department for over 10 years and does special things like this all the time! Thank you again”

The photo that was shared by the animal hospital has gone viral and been shared many hundreds of times on social media!

For the Officer to actually pay this veterinary bill was so amazing, what a guy!

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