92-year-old woman forced to say goodbye to her best friend after senior care wouldn’t allow dogs!

When a 92-year-old woman was forced to give up her dog before moving into a nursing home, it seemed like the saddest parting for these two old friends.

The woman had to undergo surgery before entering the facility and bid farewell to her best friend, dog,  of so many years. The 12-year-old Chihuahua mix, named Sir Blacky, was put into the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California.

Suddenly, a beloved friend seemed little more than another senior dog at a shelter. One of countless animals looking for a home for the holidays.

But there is good news to this story…Sir Blacky’s story took a positive turn! Volunteers at the animal shelter posted about Sir Blacky’s story and it went completely viral being shared over 20,000 times.

After only staying in the shelter for one night, Sir Blacky had tons of people wanting to adopt him.


And not long after that — after a single night without a home — shelter manager Gina Knepp made an unexpected announcement.

“He’s out the door,” she said. “A lovely woman is fostering him.”


Indeed, the foster, Donna Ortiz, confirmed to The Dodo that “he is actually sitting here in my office.”

Donna Ortiz formally “adopted” Sir Blacky. Although she prefers to saying she is fostering the dog and plans on reuniting Sir Blacky with his owner for visits: “It sounds like she’s just going to the nursing home to rehabilitate,” Ortiz says. “My thing would be, if it’s possible, to reunite her with him.”


And so this dog and his lifelong friend may actually see a double happy ending.

“Sir Blacky will go to work every day,” Knepps says. “And it is their hope that they will be able to reunite with Sir Blacky’s owner once she has recovered.”

This old dog’s heart may be sore. But it couldn’t be in better hands — the kind of hands that are used to helping people in need.


If you would like to help dogs like Blacky find a home, consider supporting the Front Street Shelter here.

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