Serial escapee Pit Bull has a reason to run, this amazing woman discovers why!

Lea Frissen is a lady whose action will completely blow you away, a person that deserves admiration, and heartfelt thanks.

Via, a Pit Bull, escaping and getting returned home again and again was the reason!

She was called about this Pit Bull who was aimlessly walking the streets of Abilene in Texas. Lea is an amazing person and works as it happens as an independent rescuer, having saved countless dogs in her time, without hesitation she jumped into action to save the dog!

As she got there she saw the Pit Bull crouched next to a bush, the sad and dishevelled dog was thin as a pin, very small indeed for her breed considering her age, she thought…

There was a terrible wound on her head, so incredibly sad!

Pit Bull

Lea said:

“When I got out of the car she slowly crawled to me and ducked her head as if she was somewhat fearful”

“I looped a leash around her neck and lifted her into the back of the car.”

Lea encountered a huge problem though that day, ust the day before she had rescued another dog and she couldn’t bring this dog with her too.

Pit Bull

She cautiously transported the dog to the shelter, to look for the dog’s microchip, but there wasn’t one!

Lea had a bright idea that she would get into social media and see if she was able to locate anyone that had knowledge about this dog, the reply she got from one person smashed her heart to smithereens.

The Pitbull was rescued once before and taken into a home, it was local too. Via escaped a few weeks back and she was returned to her owners…

Pit Bull

On returning her to her owner’s house, the person said that their yard was overflowing with Pit Bulls, barking and not in a good state. The dogs had been bred to fight.

When they returned Via to her owner’s property, they said that the yard was filled with barking, neglected Pit Bulls.

It appeared that they were being bred to fight in this abusive home. It became obvious why Via was desperately trying to run away.

Pit Bull

Lea felt her heart breaking because of Lea’s situation, what had this poor dog got to endure! She wanted to make a difference, right now, so it couldn’t happen again.

Lea was ready to take action, she called the rescue shelter and asked if Via was available for adoption, and she was! The next morning she hurried to the place and waited a full hour for it to open up.

Now, Via has found her permanent escape and will never have to be scared like this again, and the icing on the cake, she gained new besties and one special soulmate too.

Pit Bull

At Lea’s place there is also a Labrador called Bear, a Pug cutely called Pika; a Shepherd crossbreed by the name of Luna and finally, a Chihuahua called Itsy! All the very best of friends!

Lea said:

He’s a senior and he is Via’s soulmate”

She went on to say that they are all one big happy family and Via perfectly fits into the family.

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