Pit Bull locked for 2 years in a cage, feels love for the first time!

When you have a dog, you need to care for them properly, or they could develop lifelong issues.

Some people choose to use a crate for their young dog while they are away from home. Young dogs tend to get into more trouble and may not be housebroken yet.

This is an old story, it dates back to 2012, but it is probably still something that happens today, and it deserves to be told again. Landis wasn’t ever allowed to come out of his cage.

The pit bull was left alone in a cage that was way too small, his legs are folded. He is also dwarfed, which may be the reason the people left him to suffer in a cage.

pit bull

He suffered in a crate that didn’t allow him much room – for two years!

Second Chance Rescue, located in New York rescued Landis and rushed him to the doctor to see if there was anything that could be done about his crumpled legs.

pit bull

Life at the shelter for Pit Bull Landis is heavenly compared to his former life. The animal shelter in Georgia whether Landis lives even started a Facebook page called “Project Landis” which is keeping track of Landis’ recovery.

Since he was rescued, Landis has made some great progress! Despite all the abuse and neglect, Landis still won the hearts of all the shelter staff.

pit bull

Because the volunteers not only loved him, but also helped him to stand straight on his front paws and raise his head … a pride that he never knew before.

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