Pit bull who lost her ear in dog fighting ring now wears the most adorable hats!

Abigail, a 3-year-old pit bull mix who was used in a suspected dog fighting ring on Miami Dade County, was rescued earlier this month.

She has too gentle a temperament to be a fighter dog, so she was used as bait – basically, as a toy for more aggressive dogs to injure and practise on.

Victoria Frazier, of Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, knew she had to rescue this pup. Abigail was in terrible condition upon arrival at the shelter, and Frazier commented:

“The entire side of her head is completely ripped off. As soon as she arrived, you could just smell the infection. The only thing left of her ear is the ligament part of her eardrum.” She took the dog to Pets First Wellness Center in Florida, knowing she needed a lot of help.

There, the medical team informed her that Abigail would have died from her week-or-two-old wounds if they had brought her in a day or two later.

pit bull

The clinic posts regular updates on Facebook and Frazier does the same on her own page.

The treatment is going well, but there is an adorable silver lining that is too good not to share.

pit bull

The pup wears hats to cover her injured head. And she pulls them off like a real model.

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She has an entire collection of different colored hats and headbands, which serve to cover her wound. But also make her feel beautiful and bring out her smile.

pit bull

Frazier says that some fans have even hand-knit some hats and sent them to Abigail. Frazier will foster the pit bull until she is fully recovered and ready to be adopted into her forever home.