Police Actively Investigating Dog Beating Caught On Video, The Wait For Justice Is On!

It really never ceases to shock or sadden us each time we hear about another sad case of mistreatment of yet another dog, but this case is particularly sad for sure!

The police are actively investigating the current situation, but the incident has really enraged many people, especially animal lovers like you and me!

Security Cameras caught the guy beating on the dog, he could not deny it and the police say that charges are currently pending.

The police have reported that the dog seen in the video, the poor doggie that must have been scared out of his wits, is now ok! The police located the dog and made sure that he was taken to a safe place.

The police have Identified a person that they want to speak to in the case, and they are currently in the middle of the active investigation.

Constable Chris Loizides said:

“One of the outcomes is a possible prohibition from owning an animal in the future”

There was a local family in London who witnessed the terrible thing that happened, the family is waiting for some action to be taken by the police!

Shannon Odendahl who witnessed it said that she was walking her dog on her normal backyard walk on Thursday when she saw the attack!

She said:

“I was paralyzed by the brutality of the attack to the point where I couldn’t even move”

The security footage that was obtained by the news channel, from the apartments security cameras, apparently shows the man clearly beating on the dog.

Shannon said:

“His fist is coming straight back, I mean he’s giving a full force punch. He is drawing back his foot as far as he can get it, he is kicking this dog. And just as a final one, was the stomp to the head”

Shannon and her daughter reported the incident straight away but it was many hours before someone came to see what was happening, way too long!

Shannon’s daughter, Sarah Brule, said:

“It was like beating your head up against a concrete wall. I started at about 2:10 making the phone calls and I was on the phone until almost 5:30 until we had actually gotten someone to come out here”

The two of them went to the London Humane Society, but they were told at the time that the dog’s location is just a shelter and that a report must be filed with the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to be able to take further action.

They then contacted the OSPCA, the two of them were then told to call London Police to report the incident to them.

Shannon said:

“It’s a picture you can’t get out of your mind”

The OSPCA is now working with the London police in their investigation, they say that they will release more information as they have it.

The Police, Chris Loizides, said:

“It can bring out a lot of anger. It’s important to understand that there is a legal process, and a proper way of going about seeking justice for this animal”