Post Office Worker Receives A Very Special Package, What A Surprise!

We all love surprises, and especially surprises that arrive mysteriously in the post, but this story even beats that too, because the post lady Patricia Polites, instead of giving a surprise package to someone, she receives one!

When she opened up the post office in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, one lovely Monday morning, she didn’t expect to have this little bundle turn up during her morning shift!

It was about thirty minutes into her working day and a customer caught her attention, there was a little bundle of fluff, a little package hiding in the corner of the shop.

The little black Chihuahua huddled in the corner of the room, shaking, all alone, she went over and picked the little-scared doggie up.

Patricia said:“He was so scared, but the sweetest little thing …I went to reach for him and he didn’t jump or anything. So I picked him up, and he just put his head on my shoulder and cried. It was the saddest thing.”

Patricia went back to the back office area and put the doggie in a laundry basket, she looked for the dog’s owner but there was no one to be found at all!

Patricia said:

“He looks like a fruit bat. He’s got these big bug eyes …He was all bones.”

News about the little-lost doggie spread really quickly after she posted it online. Patricia waited for the rescuers, Hound Hunters of NEPA, they help connect missing animals and owners back together!

All in all this little doggie was really generating a lot of interest indeed!

Patricia said:

“We’ve had people coming in all morning, asking if they could have the dog because they saw him online …We had people who morning, while we were waiting for Hound Hunters to come, walking in and asking, ‘Can we take the dog?’ and I was like, ‘No, you can’t.’”

Christine Cahill from Hound Hunters got to the post office, she took him home and gave him a safe place to stay and most importantly gave him a name with amazing strength, ‘Batman’!

Christine said:

“The first day he was scared and didn’t show much emotion at all …but, by the next morning, he was happy-go-lucky, wagging [his] tail, following us around and just wanting to be picked up and loved.”

The vet examined him and said he was about 2-years-old, he was suffering from alopecia, it caused him to lose a lot of the fur around his ears. His skin was quite dry and a common condition called luxuriating patella was making it difficult for him to walk.

Christine said:

“[He] is so lucky someone tried to do right by him, (albeit the wrong way) and didn’t just dump him in the middle of nowhere like so many other dogs”

During the week Christine got about 600 calls, emails, and Facebook messages, they all wanted to know could they adopt batman!

Alas, the little guy had already found a home…

Christine said:

“My daughter had a Chihuahua that passed away a few years ago …When I saw Batman, I knew she would be the perfect one to foster him. It took her one second to say she was adopting him if no owner claimed him.”

Batman had to be held for five days, to see if the owners turned up, but his time finished and he officially was released to Christine’s family and really adoring all the love and attention he is getting!

She said:

“He loves to be held and snuggles right up as soon as you pick him up …He sleeps right on my daughter’s neck/shoulder every night.”

Batman found a home really easily, but plenty more desperately need homes too!

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