Nervous puppy is adopted just one month after she was dumped on the side of a Texas road!

About a month ago, passersby on a road in Dallas found a nervous, stray dog wandering all by herself. They took the sweet puppy in, but quickly realized there was much more to her story.

As it turns out, the sweet puppy, named Claira-Belle, had been dumped on the road just one day earlier. And there was security camera footage of the heartbreaking incident.

The man who dumped 1-year-old Claira-Belle says he had to do it to help his sister out. She could no longer take care of Claira-Belle. I try not to judge others in difficult situations, but I do have to say this footage is hard to watch.

Poor Claira-Belle looks so nervous and confused when she’s dumped — I’m so happy that some kind strangers found her just the next day.

It definitely comforts me to know that this sweet pup didn’t have to spend too much time scared and on her own.

Although Claira-Belle’s story got off to a heartbreaking start, it does have a happy ending.


Just a month after her sad dumping, sweet Claira-Belle has already been adopted! Now, she’s with a loving family who can take care of her.

They give her all the love and attention she deserves. The SPCA says she’s healthy and happy, and they don’t think she’ll experience any trauma from her scary experience.