They Removed His Eyes Then Just Left Him Out In The Street To Die!

Some doggies seem to have less luck than others, and this certainly was the case here, this doggie was found wandering the streets of an Albanian city is a dreadful condition, so much so that it really shocked his rescuers!

This dog had been left without sight and maimed, only eight-years-old, the poor doggie has lost his sight in a sickening act, how awful can people be!

He was called Hero and he was taken tot he Blind Dog Rescue UK, they specialize in rescuing blind dogs and dogs that don’t see too well, they will really know just what to do with him, they rescue dogs from all over Europe!

Finally, Hero found a place, a safe home in a place called Lincolnshire, though it appears that his dreadful injuries were not the last of the struggle he would have either. After he arrived at the rescue his health has been on the decline, sadly, he was diagnosed with cancer.

But even in light of this, his foster family said that he is really one of the gentlest and loveliest doggies they have ever had, they love ho so much!

They said:

“I find it hard to believe even after all the horrific pain and suffering he has gone through, that he still wants to be with people.”

Now he is getting treatment and blood tests too, along with chemotherapy, The rescuers are trying to raise money to pay for Hero’s treatments, it works out to be nearly $500 every week.

The Important thing is that he has a chance of life and get to live the best he can, hopefully in remission with a loving family!

His foster carer said:

“He may have no eyes, and he may have been treated so badly, but this dog has spirit and as long as we support him, he will have his chance”

It’s so sad that they have not caught up with the person responsible for Hero’s current eyeless state, karma will chase them down and the balance of nature will hopefully be restored.

Hero really deserves to be as happy a he can be for as long as he can, what an inspirational doggie!

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