They risk their lives to save dog living in an abandoned house that was literally crumbling around them!

One male and female dog and two puppies were stuck in an abandoned house. The rescuers managed to entice the male with some food biting.

They led to the male canine to the car and proceeded to rescue the female and her puppies. Sadly, mama dog was not co-operative as the volunteers had anticipated.

The female doggie was furious and agitated when the Stray Rescue of St. Louis took the puppy to the car. The volunteers could hear another puppy in the pitch dark abandoned house. Fortunately, they were able to rescue the second puppy.

It was a difficult task for the volunteers to protect themselves from the angry female. Two hours later, the volunteers had managed to rescue two puppies and the male doggie.

Getting the female doggie to corporate was hectic. Fortunately, they were able to save all the dogs.

This rescue was incredibly stressful. The abandoned house was literally crumbling around the rescuers. The mama dog was not happy they were taking her puppies, but it all works out in the end!
The four dogs were named the Home Improvement family. They are doing well in their new home.

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