New Scam In Circulation – Beware All Dog Owners!

As old as man himself nearly there are people who want what you have, but instead of earning it for themselves, they want to steal other people’s hard-earned money, however, they can, usually an elaborate scam…

There are many scams out there so it would be difficult to get angry about every single scam, but when a con man goes after our dog, that’s completely different altogether!

Just recently, a really lovely basset hound called “Happy” was missing from his home in North Carolina, there was a scammer saying that for them to get the dog back, then they must give him hundreds of dollars in bitcoin, only then would he be returned safely.

Happy was owned by Patricia Howell, and she thankfully found her dog after just one day, it was all because of a tip she got on a community Facebook page.

Then within minutes of her getting home with her beloved dog, she got a message on her phone, someone was threatening to sell or otherwise dispose of her dog, in a not very nice way, if he didn’t get $600 in bitcoin, he said she had five days!

The blatant scammer said that once he received the bitcoin that he would take Happy to a pet store and leave her contact details on him so she could find him after the store ring her!

She said about the whole ordeal:

“I knew it was a scam because I had Happy, but it was heartless and cold and it was so mean-spirited”

The person, who remains out there most likely found the information about the dog being missing on Facebook, in another post, perhaps a page dedicated to lost dogs and pups!

The incident is being investigated by the Granville County Sheriff’s office and they also made a statement to say that they are investigating other similar cases too.

Online fraud and extortion rackets like this are common and getting more elaborate in the ways they try to deceive people to separate them from their hard-earned cash, we are so pleased Happy is, in fact, safe and home!

Watch out and spread the word so no one else gets caught by this scam, SHARE the warning with everyone you know!