Senior dog abandoned by his family and lived on the streets alone for a year, gets rescued!

After Pumba’s owners moved away and left him behind, this senior dog was forced to live alone on the streets, struggling to fend for himself.

He waited outside the gate of his old house for months, waiting for his family to come back for him. The senior dog was on his own for over a year, being fed by neighbors, before someone finally decided to call for help.

Hope for Paws got the call about Pumba and immediately drove out to his neighborhood to try and find him. When rescuers arrived, he was curled up in some grass along the curb. But as soon as he saw them, he got incredibly scared and ran to the other side of the street, nervous and confused after being on his own for so long.

His rescuers tried setting a trap with food to try and lure Pumba in but he was much too smart for that, and managed to steal the food without getting in the trap.

Rescuers tried approaching him again, but as soon as he saw they had a leash, he got scared again and crossed back over to the other side of the street.

senior dog

Finally, one of the rescuers approached him very, very slowly, making it clear that she had food and sweet Pumba finally gave in to his hunger and loneliness and let her place a leash around his neck, ensuring that he was safe at last.

As soon as he was on the leash, Pumba began to relax a little bit, and accepted some love from the people who helped save his life.

senior dog

They loaded him into their car and drove him to the vet to get checked out, where he became more and more affectionate, so excited to finally be away from the streets for good.

Pumba is currently staying in the best foster home, where he has lots of room to play, dog siblings to hang out with and people to give him all of the love and attention he’s been missing for the past year.

senior dog

He finally has a place where he can be his happy, loving self, and hopefully soon he’ll find the perfect forever family.

Watch the full video of Pumba’s rescue below: