Shelter dog gets unexpected gift in the mail from adoptive family and can’t stop wagging her tail!

This dog, named Dora, was once roaming the streets as a stray. She was captured and taken to the city pound, where she was underweight with skin issues that needed medical attention.

Poor shelter dog Dora was traumatized and was so deprived of human affection as well as the care that she so desperately needed.

Thankfully, Howl Of A Dog took her in and gave her the proper medical care and helped her start her journey to physical and emotional recovery.

While Dora has been recovering, she has found a loving adoptive family in the UK! She has been waiting in the shelter for her new family to make the 1,500-mile journey from the UK to Romania to pick her up, but in the meantime she has been very lonely.

shelter dog

Her new family decided to send her a present to help cheer her up while she waits for them. The gift included toys, treats, and a heartfelt letter from her new mom.

Dora watched her caregiver open the package up, and couldn’t stop wagging her tail. She was so excited to get new toys and treats that were just for her!

shelter dog

Her new mom even sent a little knitted doll that looks just like her; so Dora could have something to snuggle with while she waited to meet her real mom.

Dora’s new home will be in the rural region of Devon, which has miles of countryside, forests, lakes, and is close to a lot of beaches. It’s safe to say that Dora will have a lot of fun exploring to do with her new family! She will also have a doggy brother, named Cole, to play with!

Dora has been through so much and has waited for this moment for so long. She once was a homeless sick pup on the streets, and soon she will be a part of a loving family and won’t ever have to worry about being alone ever again.

She will finally get to be a dog, and run around in a big yard and play. And she’ll also feel comfort for the first time and get to sleep in a real bed!

Watch Dora opening her gifts in the video below: