Desperate To Find His Forever Family For His Last Christmas Before He Dies!

There is nothing sadder than losing your best four-legged friend, but to know there is a doggie that is trying to desperately find love in a forever family before it is too late, now that is even sadder still! Griswold is an 8-year-old Beagle in just that position.

These doggies could well be having his last Christmas, he just cries out to find a loving family to spend it with, he is a shelter dog at the Richmond Animal League (RAL) and was recently diagnosed with lymphoma.

Kaicee Robertson, events coordinator at RAL said: – “While we are looking into some treatment options, it looks like there won’t be any long-term treatment that can help him”

As well as the lymphoma the poor doggies suffer from some skin conditions and dry eye… the RAL is searching for a special family to give him a hole this Christmas!

Robertson said: – “We do understand with his prognosis, it will be a special home, but he is a special dog and we are confident that there is somebody out there who will love this guy, for however long he has”

shelter dog
Meet Griswold, an 8-year-old beagle looking for his forever home for what could be his last Christmas. Griswold, a shelter dog at the Richmond Animal League (RAL), was recently diagnosed with lymphoma.

She also said:

“It’ll be just some palliative care, keeping him comfortable, loving him, giving him lots of treats and soft spots to lay on”

Griswold is a lovely kind and gentle doggie, he love affections and of course his food too, we really hope hie finds the home he deserves!

Maybe we can SHARE this message and someone will give him the home he desperately seeks…